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We have many online webinars for Chemistry, Immunoassay, Hematology, Urinalysis, Microbiology, Clinical IT and Automation.

Diagnostics Webinars

ARUP Laboratories:

As part of ARUP's academic mission, we have an education website dedicated to providing FREE continuing education for laboratory professionals.  This website does not require a login or any form of registration, rather individuals can watch video lectures of their choosing and at the end they will be given the opportunity to take a, typically, 6 question quiz (that they can retake as many times as needed to pass with an 80%).  Once they have passed the quiz, they choose the credit type they need, with P.A.C.E.® being one of the options.  When they complete the credit redemption form, they will be provided with a completion certificate as a PDF and an opportunity to complete an evaluation.  Currently our website has 97 video lectures available for P.A.C.E.® credit and we publish new lectures to this site every month.  You can find the list of available video lectures here: ARUP Scientific Resource for Research and Education: Video Lectures | University of Utah.

We would be happy to work with you and your program committee to set up a few live webinars with the ARUP speakers of your choosing throughout the year.  This could be individual one hour webinars on different days and times or we could consider putting together a one-time event with 3-4 presenters during a single block of time hosted by ARUP with P.A.C.E.® credit available for the live presentations.  We would need to orchestrate the details for this, but it's something to consider.

Diagnostica Stago:

To answer your question: Yes! We have an on-line educational resource available for everyone, regardless of customer status. It is all at no-charge. Since we are a Coagulation company, our educational offerings are limited to Coagulation. We have several lectures available with PACE credits. One needs to register (user name & password) before accessing the site. Once a person is registered, they can access the lectures. They will also receive notification of future lectures & live webinars. We also posted 3 new lectures for lab week; they will be available for another 12 months (they were available 'live' on the initial presentation day, but they are now posted to the Edvantage site).

CDC Div of Laboratory Systems

Offers free CE credit on most of their courses.  Examples include Fundamentals of Centrifuge Safety, Packing and Shipping Div 6.2 Materials, Fundamentals of a Biological Safety Cabinet, Chemical Fume Hood Safety.




Continuing Ed: About Us
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